Losing a job is definitely not pleasant. You are certainly wondering in which cases you are entitled to severance pay. These are mainly organizational reasons: the employer ceases its activity, moves elsewhere in case the employee becomes “redundant” due to the reduction of stocks or other organizational changes. The amount of severance pay varies according to years worked with the same employer. This is all nice, but what to do if you are not entitled to any additional payouts. Is it worth signing up for a worker? Will a non-bank loan at the employment office help me?

How’s it going at the Labor Office?

Many people think that signing up for a job office is completely unnecessary, believe it is not. Every job seeker will receive many benefits. Depending on where you live, you will register. Don’t forget your ID card at home. You can then get unemployment benefit if you meet the basic requirements: you have not been dismissed for a serious breach of your job obligations, you are not receiving severance pay, you have paid a pension insurance for at least 12 months. Thanks to support you can be paid up to 15 560, – per month. This, of course, does not last forever. The maximum drawdown time can be found under the text.

  • Unemployed under 50 years of age can receive support for a maximum of 5 months
  • unemployed between 50 and 55 years can receive support for up to 8 months
  • people over 55 can receive support for up to 11 months

Fast loan for people at the job office

People at the labor office have a minimum income and often cannot even prove it because they do not receive any financial support from the state. Will they lend me outside the bank while I’m at the labor office? In recent years this was possible because it was not necessary to require proof of income from clients (only for small loans). In 2018, the chance of getting such a loan for the unemployed is rapidly decreasing. A quick loan at the labor office can help, but you have to be careful how you handle it.

Loan at the labor office: will the bank lend to the unemployed?

Loan at the labor office: will the bank lend to the unemployed?

Unfortunately, banks refuse clients who do not have a permanent income, so there is no loan in this sector.

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